Monday, 4 April 2011

The Blog Thickens

The exhibition is nearly upon us, and since exhibitions are all about experiences, excellence and excitement, this post will appeal to some senses usually neglected by ye olde blogging game.

This exhibition is on the letters of Bess of Hardwick, a formidable dynast of the 16th century whose life experiences will make anyone's brain boggle. Or, to put it into the words of the official blurb:

Dukes and spies; queens and servants; friends and lovers – all of the Elizabethan world populates the letters of Bess of Hardwick. Bess herself wrote hundreds of letters throughout her life: they were her lifeline to her travelling children and husbands, to the court at London, and to news from the world at large. And when she moved to Hardwick Hall in the final years of her life, the old countess received current news and gossip into her house through her correspondence.

Unsealed presents the world of Bess of Hardwick’s letters to the public for the first time. This exhibition lets Bess and her correspondents tell their stories in their own words. See her life, her loves, intrigue and passions unfold – visit Unsealed at Hardwick Hall.

Unsealed – The Letters of Bess of Hardwick. Coming to Hardwick Hall in April 2011.

You, dear readers, are the first to have a listen to the podcasts for this exhibition. Go to and listen your dear little hearts out:

Unsealed: The Podcasts

1          The Many Faces of Bess of Hardwick (5:32)
2          Who’s Who in Bess’s Address Book (6:33)
3          Details on Lifestyle (3:55)
4          Stories from Bess’s Bedchamber (6:42)
5          A Peek into Bess’s Parcels (5:13)

Bonus podcast: Unsealed: A Look Behind the Scenes (11:53)

To be enjoyed with ale and mince pies. See you soon at Hardwick Hall!

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