Monday, 21 March 2011

Room for Thought

...that'd be the kitchen. And this post is The Antidote to Information Overload - your invitation to trot into the kitchen (away from screen, news and noise) to whip up something delicious. I just found this recipe for Apple Dutch Baby Pancakes which, for some reason, seems seasonal and the kind of inspiration that makes you want to put on a pinny and whisk a whisk around - with an image like this, who needs a recipe to get going?
Image from eat make read

(The recipe does look good, though).

Talking about fabulous food and yummy pictures - Dorie Greenspan takes things to yet another level in her tantalising, New York-Parisian blog - her latest images, she informs us, were "taken by David Prince. Brett Kurzweil did the food styling and Robyn Glaser did the prop styling". Well, given that she writes for the Wall Street Journal, publishes books and generally leads a life that makes me turn as green as a fresh artichoke, this professional attention to detail does not come as a surprise.

Surprises of the pleasant, mouthwatering kind aplenty are assembled in her blog, though. So, once you have your Apple Dutch Baby Pancake ready, and a cup of coffee with it, I suggest you trot to and check it out.

So much goodness. It might as well be spring.

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