Monday, 14 February 2011

Recycling Again - The Valentine's Edition

Reader (because, as someone quipped on last week's Just a Minute, I assume there is one), I am head over elbows in work, preparing an exhibition while the head is spinning and the elbows need greasing. But it is Valentine's Day, and as much as I mock those who buy into the consumerist pan-loverian rituals (farmed roses, cheap chocolates and high expectations) and applaud those who use the day as an excuse to do something really nice for their partners (not that that should be restricted to mid-Feb, but why not then, too) - as much as I do not agree with my mother's theory that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with the first man I spot on the morning of the 14th of February (after all, a taste in plumbers scented with bacon butty aroma, drinking (the cheek!) builder's tea and having personal hygiene problems is an acquired one)... ok, now I've lost the plot.

Just to say: whoever you are, wherever you are, this is for you. A recycled bit of work done at the Chemical Heritage Foundation three years ago, explaining love and chemistry in a slightly unusual and highly scientific way. To be enjoyed with fairtrade roses and Zotter chocolate. Enjoy!
(note the PG warning at the top of the page - for the very delicate among you-
and the credits, including those for the fabulous picture above!)

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