Thursday, 23 December 2010


Escapism is the only way when things tumble down all around you. Whether, like many of my friends, you are held hostage by millions of tiny snow flakes which have taken over airports and streets like one big raspberry into the face of Christmas, or just indulging the winter blues, it's time to face the music and dance. That is, it's time to get out cheesy and grossly inappropriate ways of entertaining the self.

Alternative One
I suggest a trip to the past, where the sweaters were fluffy, the hairstyles even more so, the cars were fast, then men dashing, and ski resorts a somewhere only the privileged used as a, well, last resort when things got snowy. May I (re-)introduce you to the Harts?
Check it out on IMDB!
Make mine a large one, Max!

Alternative 2
Embrace the cold, get a sled! But which one? I was amused to read about the alternative of using a bin bag... in this otherwise rather informative and amusing Guardian article.

Alternative 3
Just dance. Seriously. It warms the feet and the soul. Soundtrack? Oh, I dunno... but for the sake of continuity in this post, how about Rod Stewart & Dolly Parton's version of Baby It's Cold Outside? It comes with a slide show whence I nicked that Christmassy Dolly shot above. How great is that? Shudders down your spine - added kinetic energy.

Now go and have a cookie...

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