Friday, 10 December 2010


I recently saw the Wellcome's wonderful exhibition on drugs and drug culture, High Society. And lo - they do fabulous events to go with it! Today:

Kaffeine and Kuchen
Image from the Wellcome announcement of this oh-so-tempting event.

Quoth the blurb:
Be transported to the coffee houses of 18th-century Leipzig in this immersive evening of music and mind-altering substances (of the legal variety!). Sample delicious cakes served up by the award-winning Peyton and Byrne chefs, let our coffee expert demonstrate the effects of caffeine in a guided coffee tasting, and be entertained by the Early Opera Company performing J S Bach’s miniature comic opera 'The Coffee Cantata'.

Oh my, I'm feeling intoxicated already. Hopefully I'll catch one of the January repeats!

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