Monday, 6 December 2010


Happy Saint Nicholas' Day! If I were anywhere near Heidelberg (or any other university with a sense of pride, tradition and traditional fun), and if I were a student, my day would probably shape up like this:

  • get up, have a hot cup of tea and a fresh roll
  • get act together
  • brave the streets and resist temptation of bakeries offering Christmassy goodness in the form of baked, spiced, sweet goods
  • make it to the Christmas Market, conveniently located en route to the university - in fact, one part directly in front of the Old University building, where 21st-century electronic, Micky-Mouse versions of Christmas songs (as dispensed from the ginormous speakers next to the carousel) make concentrating on lectures near-impossible
  • collect some mulled wine from a stall (those who are prepared bring a thermos and their own cup, to indulge during lectures as needed); alternatively, some hot chocolate with rum (known as 'Lumumba' for indefinable reasons)
  • go about university business
  • meet friends for some potato pancakes, waffles or dip-dyeing of candles, at the Christmas Market, on the way home
  • fall into bed
  • sleep and dream of doing it all over again the next day
Memory may have eliminated the biting cold, the scary icy pavements and the fact that life is not so sweet when you live on a very small income. But the remaining, air-brushed memory still puts a smile on my face.

Now, why are my boots empty? I think I'll bite the head off my self-bought chocolate Santa right now...

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