Sunday, 19 December 2010


Let it snow? Well, upon hearing this, many of my readers will hide in a corner with a stuffed toy by now. Rightly so: the weather messes up many people's Christmas plans, and I say 'Bah, humbug!' to showers and ice and everything crap.

Artificial snow is a different thing, though, when contemplated from the safety of one's own desk. Even reading about it makes my brain spin, hence warm up with kinetic energy. Here's a taster from an article on artificial snow:
Snowflex, for example, has a slippery polybutylene terephthalate fiber surface layer that sits atop a shock-absorbing pad that has a woven backing. Water piped through the layers exits recessed nozzles and mists the surface, which helps reduce friction even further. This new type of dryslope can be laid out like carpet and cut to fit features such as moguls.
Read more of the same (but no worries, the beginning of the short article is much more accessible and really rather interesting!) in a 2004 issue of Chemical and Engineering News!

Now back to the chemistry of hot chocolate...
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