Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Germany 'Uni-Kino' - how I miss it! Picture the scene: an old lecture theatre with wooden seats and tables, steeply arranged, and a small screen (intended for projection of academic importancies onto it). Lots and lots of students, who pay an almost nominal fee to get in. A movie. And in December, they always show Die Feuerzangenbowle (1944), a movie of similar cult status as the Rocky Horror Picture Show elsewhere in the world.
Image from WDR archives

The story revolves around Hans Pfeiffer, a fairly famous writer, who goes back to school (at 40 going on 14) to experience life in a classroom and recapture some of that fun that escaped home-schooled young him. Hilarity ensues. Including mock-drunkenness in chemistry class. Marvellous!

The drink whose intoxicating qualities spark Pfeiffer's idea to go back to school is also the inspiration behind the title: Feuerzangenbowle. Red wine heated, spiced (so far, so mulled wine), and then topped with a sugar cone drenched in rum and ignited. Only try this at home if you have high ceilings!

(recipe from Suedzucker)

2 bottles nice red wine
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
juice from oranges and lemons (2 each)

Heat all that up for a nice mulled wine-like potion. Now, you need equipment:

1 sugar cone
1 sugar cone tong suspended over a heatproof pot which holds the mulled wine (seriously, without this it's just plain dangerous)
1/2 bottle of rum, poured over the sugar cone
1 brave person to set the cone afire

Watch sugary rummy syrup drip into mulled wine. Keep watching. Nope, don't touch yet! When it's all done, stir, pour into mugs and sip, carefully but with much gusto. You're welcome.

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Lorraine said...

i wanna try! but i don't know where to get sugar cones or sugar cone tongs.

am wondering if long chopsticks would do to hold the sugar cone or perhaps a barbeque skewer! hee hee