Saturday, 17 July 2010

Prime Infusion

Huzzah! The First, Fabulous Competeation has produced marvellous results: tea concoctions that are a true elixir of life this summer, no matter whether you find yourself in cold or hot climates. So, without further ado (but some embellishment by yours truly), let me send you adrinking: here are the winners!

From the Cabala mineralis manuscript,
courtesy of the AlchemyWebsite

Thea Regia
This is so wrong it works - thanks to Lorraine the Lemonator.
Take some Lemon Ice Tea and pour over vanilla ice. Add some mint leaves. Slurp slowly and with gusto in hot weather.
Thea Fortis
This is simple and intriguing, and comes with a recommendation from Deena the Drinkess:
Qi (tea liqueur).
Yep, that's it. But here's a little more background: it is a San Franciscan concoction, comes in white and black, and looks nice on their website. Mind you, I will hold out on my verdict until I've tasted it.

Thea Vitae
Long Island Iced Tea - cunningly not containing any tea: how magical is that?
Take equal parts of vodka, gin, white rum and lemon juice; add a little sugar syrup and lots of crushed ice. Top up with cola. Enjoy with some appropriate music playing in the background.
Not my cup of tea, but there it is. Thanks to David the Drinkmaster.

Thea Miraculosa
This was sent by Konoisseur Katie - a G and Tea!
Make lemon verbena tea, chill it, and serve with a dash of gin.
And if that does not get you dashing to the nearest tea shop, here's the final, ingenious

Thea Philosophorum
This was sent by the Delightful Dagmar, who openly admits to adapting this recipe from a ready-made product she saw at Tea Gschwendner:
Mix equal parts of peppermint tea and apple juice, and a good dash of lemon juice. Drink chilled (both you and the tea).
And that's what I am sipping right now!


The winners will receive a little something in the mail. In other news, I just produced some almond biscotti with lemon zest to go with all of the above. Here's to you, dear readers: have a fabulous week!

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