Saturday, 10 July 2010

Coffee, Cogitation & Competeation

It's been a busy week, and business does not necessarily like company - unless it comes in the form of a good cup of coffee. My office cafetiere is probably one of the best investments I have made in the past few months: my afternoon mug of hot, comforting brew is consistently up to my admittedly high standards.

It may just be me, but at weekends I enjoy an experimental cup of coffee: a different type of milk, frothing and heating procedure, slowly slurped from an unfamiliar mug (that one that's been hiding in the back of a cupboard) or even a bowl, French style. At this point I cannot resist pointing a cocoa dusted finger at the 'bol' offered by Manufactum:

This bowl is made in the old glazed pottery workshop »Moulin de Loup« near Valenciennes, in a style typical of the 19th century, with a raised pedestal base. They were more often seen in less well-off households in the poorer region around Horchis, where people were more likely to drink coffee made from chicory rather than coffee beans. The pattern, which is characteristic of rural artefacts, dates from the beginning of last century.
In case you are wondering, Manufactum is a marvellous shop which unearths all those places where skill meets quality, where really nice, functional things that will last a lifetime (and more) are on offer. Alchemy, indeed!

And while I am sipping from a rather inferior cereal bowl, I can almost imagine rubbing shoulders with the young, the rich and the beautiful in a Parisian 19th-century cafe...


Kelvingrove Art Museum, Glasgow

Manuscripts open
Thought meets historical thought
Nods to lives long past

It's summer, and while Glasgow is seasonally cool and calm, other parts of the world are awash with heat and sweat. Attention spans are short, days are long, and drinks in ample supply (matching the need for hydration). And let's be honest: the best drinks do often involve tea in one form or another. Therefore, I want to know:

What is your recipe for a good summer drink involving tea?

Leave a comment or, if you know me well enough to know my email, send me a ditto.

Deadline: Friday, 16 July 2010.

The best entry will be published in next week's Pinch of Arsenic and receive a surprise thingumabob. So, get brewing and writing! Ta.


Deena said...

Qi (tea liquor) on ice. If you've never had Qi, you should definitely try it. It's bizarrely likeable, rather like me. :)

David (you know which one) said...

Long Island Iced Tea. Strictly speaking it doesn't actually contain tea, other than in its name. But it packs a kick like a mule thanks to five different spirits, and if mixed correctly almost tastes non-alcoholic.

Lorraine said...

Ice Lemon Tea with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It works! Especially with a few mint leaves.

Katie said...

On the lemon verbena theme, make tea from it, then chill it. Add ice and a shot of gin :)