Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Day In Spring

"There are too many blogs. So does the world need yet another one?" I kept asking myself before taking fingers to keypad and starting this latest experiment of mine. But then I realised that thoughts are funny, unruly little creatures: they whirl around in your head, screaming to be let out and get a spin around someone else's brain. So on this present, fine day in spring I took heart, and here we are.

A Pinch of Arsenic in a nutshell

Who? Paracelsa, a historian of alchemy with a penchant for mystery novels, cooking and writing

Why? Because I feel like it - no hidden agenda

When? Whenever the spirit takes me

What? Posts about all my favourite things, and other thoughts that want out

For whom? Anyone who enjoys reading this

Famous first words? Welcome!

Cheesy? Perhaps, but I am only just starting...

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